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Solar panels are certainly a significant investment for your business. The good thing is that they’re built to last. However, like any other system, it might get damaged over time. At Tucson Solar Pros, we have almost 10 years of local industry experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any malfunctioning issue your solar system may have. Moreover, our technicians will ensure to get your solar system to an optimal condition in no time. If you’re looking for commercial solar repair or maintenance, contact our solar panel repair technician in Tucson, AZ!

3 Signs Your Business Needs Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Taking advantage of solar energy is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep your business running in excellent conditions. Although solar systems require little to no maintenance, some signs may help you recognize any potential damage.

Here are 3 signs that should tell that your solar system needs expert care:

  • Low solar production: This can be caused by dirty or damaged panels and can lead to a replacement service.
  • Inverter malfunction: Check if your inverter shows red lights or any error messages.
  • Unexpected shutdowns: This can be caused due to wiring problems, manufacturing defects, or installation issues.

If you identify one of these signs on your commercial solar panels, get in touch with an expert solar panel repair technician.

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At Tucson Solar Pros, we can assist with all your solar panel needs. From installation to repair, you can rely on us! Our technicians in Tucson, AZ, have the skills and the knowledge to get your solar system back to shape!

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