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What are the financial benefits of switching to solar?


Is it possible to have a $0 Electric Bill?

Tax Credits

Get tax credits


Gov Incentives

Gov incentives 


Clean Energy

Have you always wondered how switching to solar could help you save on your tax bill? We stay up to date on the latest tax credits and incentives offered to make the transition as cost effective as possible. Let us help you save money and the planet.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar Energy is making leaps in bounds in the fight against pollution and carbon emissions caused by coal power plants and other less clean power options. Click bellow to find out more from a recent article released by a U.K. author that we found to be helpful to most of our costumers.


Gov Incentives

The US government is currently offering massive tax incentives for anyone who is willing to install solar PV systems. As a part of the initiative to reduce energy emissions in the US, Federal and Local governments have teamed up to ensure that Arizona homeowners like yourself who help join in the fight against Global Warming are properly rewarded for your contribution.


What are the environmental benefits of switching to solar?


What if I don't know...


If I can afford solar

If you can afford to pay your electric bill, you will save on solar.

How solar works

Check out the video on how the process works! Thank you to Green Power energy for the creation of this short helpful video.


If solar is right for me

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