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We’re a Solar Energy family-owned and operated company focused on residential and commercial solar panel installations.

One of our founders used to work in the roofing contracting field, but he saw the solar industry growing, and he wanted to be part of it. Moreover, we’ve always been fascinated with solar. The sole idea that we can use the sun for power is fascinating.

Our company’s core values are honesty and integrity. In addition, we hire former military personnel. So you can have peace of mind by working with a team that’s committed to excellence. We firmly believe in giving back to our community, which is why we donate 10% of all our profits to various charities throughout the area.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and professional solar installs to the local Tucson community. With almost ten years of local industry experience, we’ve continuously searched to find the highest quality panels to fit our customers’ needs in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

At Tucson Solar Pros, we offer competitive pricing on solar designs and installs with the down-to-earth service expected from a local business. With our experience in the industry, we have dialed in the process and cost savings for our customers.

We look forward to assisting you with your sustainable, cost-effective solar needs.

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Our Full Range of Services

Reduce your energy costs by getting high-quality solar panels for your home!

Residential Solar Installation

Make sure your solar panels get the professional repair they deserve.

Residential Solar Repairs

Enjoy lower energy costs and tax benefits by going solar!

Commercial Solar Installation

Ensure your solar system is in the best condition.

Commercial Solar Repairs

Get energy security for your home at all times!

Batteries & Generators

Get ready to charge your electric vehicle fast and easy!

Electric Vehicle Chargers

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